Anonymous asked:

Amen, my brother. I'm a guy and like cross dressed guys--myself and others. It has nothing to do with fantasizing about being a "chick," It doesn't hide, demean, or degrade my manhood (or the womanhood of women, either). In a certain way, I think it actually emphasizes the maleness of the body at the same time as it embraces feminine qualities (which is a manly thing to do). Seeing women embrace aggressive masculine qualities is hot and welcome. But seeing guys who dress like you turns me on.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Thanks!

Anonymous asked:

Borrow some of your wife's jewelry next batch of pics... (for some reason, the bracelet is turning me on...) You're making 'chick' a unisex word (as in you're a hot chick, dude...), which is awesome. A fuckable chick, in fact. And I agree the bikini tan-lines on your chest would be so sexy. Come on, you wanna be a sexy chick for us, right? So boned up for you right now.

My wife doesn’t own a lot of jewelry, I might be able to find something though, I’ll see what I can do.

I’m not sure how I feel about being called a chick though. I guess in summer of my pics I obviously look fairly feminine even if that’s not my actual intent (ok, sometimes it is). So I can fault you for the association. But I have no desire to be female and don’t see myself that way.

The language in this message comes off as demanding and trying to convince me to do things I’m not comfortable with. It’s a little problematic, I almost answered this very differently. I’m not sure what exactly it is, maybe it’s just my mood. Try and be more courteous when you ask things of me. Unless you’re going full dom, in which case again depending on my mood I may or may not appreciate it. I probly won’t take that well from an anon or somebody I don’t know at all though.

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Sure wish you could have been wearing that little black top on vacation so you'd come back with some nice ladylike tanlines, man. That would make for some extremely sexy topless photos... If you work on your tan right--maybe a nice 2-piece swimsuit--you could be crossdressed and naked at the same time... so now that gives me a whole fantasy of sharing a blanket with you in your girlie bikini at the beach... I'll help with the suntan lotion, just to have an excuse to get my hands on you...

Well, I didn’t get too tan on vacation anyways. I have thigh about intentionally getting some tiny bikini shaped tan lines, that would be pretty sexy, but just below the waist, above the waist would be to obvious, I can’t avoid people seeing my chest all the time.