Anonymous asked:

A guy I met earlier this summer and have been hanging out with a bit (with mutual friends)--more outgoing and taller than me and a pretty nice guy. The other night, out for a few beers, he jokingly called me 'bitch.' And it really seriously turned me on. I'm realizing that I'd really like to be his bitch, even if it's just what he calls me. I just gotta figure out how to let him know I liked it. Sometimes you can wear a word like clothes. I put on my garter belt and stockings and wank about him.

Sounds like a sexy fantasy. Sadly I don’t have any advice for you if that’s what you’re looking for. Have you guys talked about sex stuff or kinks or anything like that before? The only way to know for sure if anything’s possible is to talk to hitm directly about it. You can think of some less direct ways to gauge his reaction or warm him up to talk about it, but if he hasn’t given you any other hints I’d say it’s a crap shoot. You’ll have to decide, knowing him however well, how you think he’d react and if it’s worth the risk he won’t take it well, or you could lose his friendship.

Otherwise keep enjoying the fantasy and wank away!

Thanks for the message!