As a both the photographer and model in my images, I have a double investment in the tumblr posting process. I take occasional breaks from posting here and often as not, it is due to frustration or hurt.

There is a troll that has blatantly appropriated my friend, Likes-to-Squirt. He downloads…

Likes-to-squirt wrote:

I feel your frustration.  I’ve sent several messages to the douchebag himself and I’ve also complained to tumblr.  Since I don’t have any original content, other than written content,  there isn’t much tumblr is going to do. (He doesn’t steal my written content…so far)

I have blocked him and according to the definition of blocking someone, my stuff should not appear in his news feed.  So, either it doesn’t work as promised, or he specifically goes to my blog and saves all the images to his computer and then reposts them as his own.  I would think that if you blocked someone, they shouldn’t be able to see your blog anymore, even if they went directly to your URL.  There should be a message on the screen that reads:  LOOKS LIKE YOU WERE BEING A DICK…YOU’VE BEEN BANNED FROM THIS BLOG”

Like Ms. Lotus said, I am more concerned for those of you who post original content.  I reblog stuff, that’s it.  He just steals it and posts as his own.

So, if I reblog your stuff and you read this message, I would take the time to visit this asshole and I’m sure you will find your images stolen and on his blog.

Take the time to complain to tumblr, block him, report him, do whatever you can.

I would hate to see anyone who enjoys creating content stop because of this tool.

He is still doing it…

I know. I have two posts that I have reported to tumblr that are still on his site. And he has added two more. Tumblr sent the form response asking me to cite the posts (which I had covered in detail already). Crickets for 2 days. I need to work up the energy to send another message.

My take-away is that they don’t care. Both tumblr and asshole that has appropriated your blog and my images. He clearly has no moral center. And I’m nothing to tumblr.

I’ve gotten used to the theft. But this is so blatant and so cavalier. His ‘fuck you’ to me, you, ethics and legal ramifications of copyright infringement is clear. Wonder if a letter from my attorney in his ‘ask’ box would get his attention!?!?

Don’t steal people’s stuff. Reblog only keeping credit where it exists. I know a lot of stuff on tumblr is ‘found’ online, but if you know where something came from cite the source, preferably reblog straight from them if the source is a tumblr. Saving and repaying images goes against the spirit of tumblr’s community.

Don’t be a dick. If you know anyone who does this unfold them and don’t reblog their stolen stuff, unless you’re pointing out that it’s stolen and giving credit.

Anonymous asked:

Don't get me wrong. Looking forward to seeing you as Spiderman--tights all over... But Halloween is such a perfect opportunity for a guy to doll up in something girlie, man! It's so great doing it in public without any awkward confessions. What would you wear if you crossdressed for Halloween? That's what I'd really like to see...

The thing is, I don’t really go out for Halloween. I’ll just be staying home handing out candy, maybe wearing the Spider-Man costume under a button down shirt to work. I’m college my wife (then girlfriend) and I crossdressed together and I was a sexy schoolgirl. These days I wouldn’t have anywhere to go like that.