Anonymous asked:

I have a bra kind of like yours, except mine is see-thru. When I wear it, all day there's this tension between being afraid of getting caught and actually wanting to get caught. I'm a flat-chested male, like you, so it's obvious I'm only wearing it because I like the lace and the little bow. There's no other function. I probably don't have the balls for it, but I fantasize about having a sheer lace bra tattooed on me so I couldn't get out of it. Maybe a matching garter belt and stockings, too.

For sure I think just liking the look of a bra is enough reason to wear one. Function need have nothing to do with it. But yeah, I’m not sure I’d want a bra tattoo, I’ve heard of worse though. I’ve seen some garter tattoos on ladies thighs and think they’re sexy, and similar tribal type bands on dude’s legs that look sweet, so I don’t think that idea is to far out there.